The numerous and escalating problems that our environment faces are no joke. If we don’t change our ways now, future generations will end up with a dying world to live in. You do not, however, have to force yourself to make instant and major changes. You can take it day by day. You can start with the little things like going green with Eco-DVD cases.

eco-dvd case

What’s an Eco-DVD Case?
Eco-DVD cases are made of environmentally-friendly and recycled materials. What those materials are and how much of them are used differs from one brand to another. The labels will give you a clue.

A “no-plastic” Eco-DVD case means that it’s completely made of recycled materials. This is the best for the environment, but in terms of quality, this type of Eco-DVD case isn’t the most durable packaging out in the market.

Other labels include ‘recycled’, ‘low-plastic’, and ‘bio-degradable’.

The Benefits of Using Eco-DVD Cases
Here are several ways you can benefit from using Eco-DVD cases.

You get to save the environment.
This is the most important benefit of all. Eco-DVD cases are, after all, primarily manufactured for this reason. Sure, its producers are also motivated by profit, but are you similarly motivated? Are you buying simply to help the company earn money? Of course not! You’re buying because you know your social responsibility and you want to do what you can to help.

As mentioned earlier on, your Eco-DVD cases are made of recycled or environmentally-friendly materials. When you dispose of them, they may be recycled once more to produce a new batch of products. With this cycle, no waste is produced, no new trees are killed, and no additional non-biodegradable materials have to be used. Also, recycling processes produce a maximum of 15% of the carbon dioxide typically released by manufacturing processes that use traditional materials.

You get to choose your own design.
Eco-DVD cases are still fairly new to the market and are rarely mass-produced. Most of them are on a per order basis and as such, you have the option of customizing the design for your own Eco-DVD case without having to pay a lot.

This is especially beneficial when you are giving away DVDs for souvenirs or promotional freebies.

You get to save on shipping and delivery.
Lastly, you not only save the environment with Eco-DVD cases but you get to save money, too! Eco-DVD cases are generally lighter than traditional DVD cases, weighing approximately forty to fifty percent less than most DVD cases you see out in the market. Imagine how much you get to save in shipping costs when you use Eco-DVD cases!


If you think about it, plastic packaging for DVDs and Blu-Ray discs aren’t really that bad in terms of function and practicality.  They’re easy and cheap to produce for mass consumption and are quite flexible in terms of design and size.  Unfortunately, plastics also tend to be problematic for the environment.  They do not decompose well, can produce toxic fumes during production and, let’s admit it, not a lot of DVD and Blu-Ray owners actually recycle.  So what’s the best solution?  Try environmentally friendly DVD and Blu-ray cases.


Green packaging: What you can expect
Environmentally friendly DVD and Blu-Ray cases are produced from recycled materials such as paper, foam, paperboard and old plastics.  As such, many eco-friendly packaging are categorized as ‘no-plastic’, ‘low-plastic’, ‘bio-degradable or with bio-degradable content’ or ‘recycled’.  Depending on the manufacturer, the packaging used on certain batches of DVDs and Blu-Ray discs may or may not include certain types of recycled materials.


Advantages of environmentally friendly DVD and Blu-Ray cases
Environmentally friendly DVD and Blu-Ray cases are beneficial in many ways.  A few of their benefits include:

Biodegradable and recyclable
Environmentally friendly DVD and Blu-Ray cases are manufactured with the conscious effort of ensuring that materials used can and will break down when disposed of.  Materials are also recyclable, which means that they can be re-used again and again, without requiring any additional raw materials.

Manufacturing processes involved in producing recyclable materials are also eco-friendly, in that they produce only 85% (at the minimum) less carbon dioxide than traditional materials.


Flexibility in design
Environmentally friendly cases used for DVDs and Blu-Ray discs can come in a wide variety of designs and color.  Although most cases are sold pre-formed (2-panel, 4-panel, with closed pockets, etc.), buyers can almost always order a customized design to suit their needs and preferences.

More lightweight than traditional materials
Environmentally friendly DVD and Blu-Ray cases tend to be lightweight, making them easier to pack, store and ship.  Most packaging made from recycled materials are 40 – 50% lighter than traditional materials such as plastic.  With lighter packaging, producers and retailers save on costs related to shipping and transport.

Green printing
Producers of environmentally friendly DVD and Blu-Ray cases frequently use inks made from plants and vegetables.  This type of organic ink makes it possible to produce texts and design while using waterless printing technology.

Technology used to produce environmentally friendly packaging make it possible for retailers to take advantage of their cost efficiency.  They have been proven to be competitive to pricing associated with the more traditional petroleum-based cases.